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About Us

Indonesian Muslim Community Association of Toronto, GTA and The Vicinity

MIIT stands for Masyarakat Islam Indonesia Toronto (Indonesian Muslim Community in Greater Toronto Area and The Vicinity)

MIIT is a non profit organization which provides Indonesian Muslims living in the Greater Toronto Areas opportunities to learn and study Islam through activities such as lectures, discussions, and Qur’an study circles. Moreover, it is a forum for the Indonesian Muslim community throughout the GTA to meet and strengthen the bonds of sisterhood and brotherhood.

MIIT consists of Muslims with Indonesian citizenship or Canadian resident with ties to Indonesia or Indonesians in the Toronto area, who gather monthly for a halaqa (Islamic study circle).

In the effort to elevate our faith and strengthen our social bonds. During Ramadan we also hold weekly gatherings (usually every Saturday) to break the fast and pray together, and to listen to a sermon/spiritual speech. Aside from Ramadan, we hold Eid prayers (Eid Fitr and Eid Adha), followed by an Eid party and celebration.

MIIT also offer additional programs for the wonderful community:

  • Family Picnic
  • Family Camping
  • Muktamar Conference
  • Youth Retreat
  • Indoor and Outdoor Sports
  • and many more!

Happen to be living in GTA or the vicinity?

Joint our wonderful community and enjoy our friendly/family oriented programs and become member of MIIT-Toronto

Why join our community?

We have the most valuable assets of the organization and that is our wonderful communities around GTA and surrounding cities.

Get together with our friendly community

Meet our wonderful families and friends e.g. during MIIT annual picnic.

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Get involve in useful activities

We do care about our community needs. Want to help? Need some help? We have our expert teams for workshops.

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Get spiritual boosts

Joint our monthly gathering and halaqah, Muktamar and Ramadan programs.

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