The TRUE Islam Indonesian Community in Toronto

MIIT stands for
Masyarakat Islam Indonesia Toronto
The direct translation would be
the Indonesian Muslim Community of Toronto

MIIT is a forum for Indonesian Muslims in Toronto and surrounding areas to study and deepen Islam through lectures, discussions, interpretation and so forth. MIIT also functions as a place to strengthen the relationship between fellow Muslim communities in Indonesia in Toronto and surrounding areas.

MIIT consists of the Indonesian Muslim community and Indonesian sympathizers who live in the city of Toronto and surrounding areas, who routinely hold monthly recitation. To deepen the faith to Allah SWT and strengthen the brotherhood of fellow believers, we also hold activities to break the fast, taraweh and religious lectures on monthly basis. Also, we also hold Eid Al-Fitr and Eid al-Adha prayers, followed by Halal Bi Halal.

Every year we hold a one-day Lecture by inviting guest speakers such as Ustadz Syamsi Ali from the Indonesia New York Mosque, Ustadz Mohammad Joban from Seatle, or Indonesian students at the McGill University in Montreal. Periodically, we also invite local mosque clerics/imams as speakers.

Meet The Team

Yul Suwenda

Chairman of Board

Eni Ananta